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Why You Should Choose Cloth Diapers For Your Little Ones

Choosing the right kind of diapers for your kids can be a challenging task. Making the most cost-effective choices while still keeping your baby’s bum comfortable and rash free requires a lot of research. There are a variety of choices open to moms and dads ready to stock up on diapers, and knowing the pros and cons of these options can save time, energy, and money.

 photo why-you-should-choose-cloth-diapers-for-your-little-ones1_zpsdc86df7e.png

It may seem counter intuitive to spend so much effort picking out something that is only going to end up being soiled and thrown away. But this doesn’t have to be the case. Not if you use cloth diapers, the alternative to the single-use diapers parents are most familiar with. Cloth diapers are growing in popularity due to their low impact on the environment, their ease of use and the savings they bring parents.

Jillian’s Drawers, a cloth diaper retailer, suggests a savings of $4000 as a result of using the same cloth diapers for two children. Additionally, Consumer Reports has estimated savings between $1500 and $2000 for parents who use cloth diapers instead of disposables.

However, cloth diapers do need to be cleaned, which costs you time and money. Even with this consideration, cloth diapers are significantly less expensive than their disposable counterparts. This is especially true for families with multiple young children. Every household’s financial situation is different, so to get a personalized estimate, try using Diaper Pin’s cloth savings calculator.

“I wanted to switch to cloth diapers when my second child was about eight months old, but I was scared to death of trying “cloth” and worried I would pay more money than disposables. I ended up holding out until my third baby was five months old before switching over,” said Katie Kimball in a piece for BabyCenter.

“It can’t be denied that there’s an initial investment in cloth diapers, but it definitely doesn’t have to be more than disposables over the long run. You can spend more on cloth than disposables if you get fancy dancy kinds and buy more than you need to, but there are frugal routes, too. Looking back, I do wish I would have started cloth with my middle child when I considered it at eight months old.”

 photo why-you-should-choose-cloth-diapers-for-your-little-ones2_zps42e9b2c9.jpg

It may not seem like you are making a very big difference by using cloth, but a few statistics might change that perspective. Consider the fact that disposable diapers are the third largest consumer product in landfills today. They are additionally 4% of all solid waste. Also, there is no certainty around the amount of time disposable diapers take to decompose, but estimates say 250–500 years. Finally, in 1988, 18 billion diapers were sold and used in the United States alone. The amount of diapers used every year is remarkable. So switching the type of diapers you use may seem like a small contribution, but when you remember these facts, every household using cloth is making a difference.

Picky Hummingbirds

On my way to hang my hummingbird feeder, I tripped and dropped the thing. It shattered into a zillion pieces. I purchased another feeder, filled it with boiled and cooled sugar water and hung it outside. I waited and waited to see a little hummingbird but none were interested. After a week, I put fresh sugar water in the feeder and once again, hung it outside. I have been seeing so many hummingbirds and they are even coming two at a time! I love watching them. Who knew they were so picky.

 photo hummingbird_zps5e704e07.jpg

Our garden has been fun to watch this summer. Hubby planted eggplant and beans for the first time. We haven’t seen any produce yet but the zucchini are coming on strong. We have two rows of radishes, one red and the other white radishes. I don’t like radishes so I hope hubby is willing to eat a lot of them so they aren’t wasted.

Pileated Woodpecker Sighting!

A few months ago, I was able to watch two pileated woodpeckers in our backyard. I had never seen such large woodpeckers. Their plumes were beautiful. I finally did some research and found out that it is a sight to cherish. The birds are plentiful but I have never seen them in my 30 years of living at this house. An acquaintance of mine said she sees them regularly but she lives in a wooded area. My yard is more what you would call a pasture setting.


From the Indy Parks Nature blog:

The Pileated Woodpecker, Dryocopus pileatus, is Indiana’s largest woodpecker. It is sixteen and a half inches in length, almost the size of a crow. It’s size, sleek black back and wings, offset by a red crest, are obvious field marks. The males have a characteristic red “mustache”, which is actually a stripe near the beak. The female’s stripe is black. Another distinct field mark is the large white area under its wing which is viewed when the bird is in flight.


So often do our parents get us gifts for various occasions that some children (regardless of age!) believe that it is an entitlement. Many parents sacrifice their own comfort, necessities and luxuries to make sure that not a birthday or Christmas or graduation goes by without their a kids having gifts in tow but what do we as adult children do for them? Yea, we go to the stores and just pick up whatever the clerk says they would like but are we really putting enough thought into what we bestow upon our parents? As we get older and become parents ourselves, sometimes it is only then we understand how often kids neglect the joys of gift giving to their parents. Some, after a certain age don’t give their parents gifts at all! We should try to change that because after all, giving a gift is symbolic of appreciation and love – two things of which parents are more than deserving. While power tools and gift certificates are nice, why not invest a little more money and a lot more thought? As we enter into adulthood and become self-sufficient, making our own salaries and such, why not treat our parents to gifts that are age appropriate to them, indicative of their lifestyle and a lot more personal? In some cultures, giving gifts to parents is not only done out of observance of occasion, but also as a mandatory mark of respect. No matter the reason or season, we should honor our parents with gifts they can enjoy and be proud to receive. Here are a couple ideas for moms and dads that you can play around with:

1. For Moms:
No matter what your mom’s profession or lack thereof, she is deserving of some pampering. Instead of just sending her off to a salon to get her nails done, why not organize a full spa weekend that you can share with her? Parents love the memories just as much as they appreciate the gifts and if you’re a part of the experience with your mom, she will remember it forever. Go the full 9 and get her some red roses and hire a driver for the weekend so neither of you have that responsibility. Make it a mom-and-me weekend and go to the movies that she likes and don’t forget to take as many pictures as possible to document the fun!

2. For Dads:
Dads are real troopers and often have no problem settling with whatever gift you throw their way – they are just downright happy to be remembered and considered. Treat your dad to something he will be able to hold onto besides socks. Why not get dad something he can enjoy in his everyday life like his own personal ultra-luxe recliner? This isn’t cheap but after a hard day of work or tending to the house, he will sit in its comfort and think of you fondly.

Gifts that create memories are often the ones that last forever, so trips, keepsakes and events are always good considerations. Don’t forget to include yourself as you will become an indelible part of a happy memory for them both.


Source: johnthinkingaloud.wordpress.com

Discount Caskets?

People never cease to amaze me. Just recently a family member of an elderly person here in Indiana, noticed that their family member’s pre-paid burial insurance policy had been cashed in. Because the family member is still alive, red flags went up. Seems as though the funeral home has been cashing in a few insurance policies to get money. It would certainly be a shock when said member passed away and the family went to use the pre-paid burial benefits.

Thankfully, there are laws in effect to maintain the integrity that most funeral institutions comply with as standard business procedures.

Casket wholesaler, Express Caskets offers caskets for sale in a manner that makes it comfortable and easy to understand. Pricing and procedure should be easy to follow when going through this most difficult time. It might be confusing to walk into a showroom of veneer, steel or wood caskets. Emotions run high when wanting to choose the best for our loved one’s last wishes. No one wants to appear cheap but sometimes discount caskets are what one can afford. Express understands this and works with each client in a manner that makes planning a funeral less stressful. Express Casket is leading the charge to provide consumers with affordable, high-quality caskets for sale to the public.

Pocks on the companies who prey on people. Kudos to Express for treating people with respect and dignity.



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